Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

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We cannot stress the importance of having a responsive website as it is crucial in today’s tech world.

A responsive website is one that is designed and developed to respond directly to the user’s browser size and/or device that they are viewing the website on.  The majority of internet users now use their mobile devices rather than a desktop to view websites.  This demand is growing daily and requires better user experience.
“Bells and whistles” are great and ideal for a desktop version of your site; but these same features can bog down the mobile version.  Massive amounts of data can cause the mobile site to not load as quickly, use large amounts of the user’s mobile data, and can cause translation issues in terms of viewability; thus, decreasing the chances of a positive user experience.
Google search rankings are also becoming a huge factor in having a mobile-responsive website.  If your website is not “mobile friendly” your Google search rankings will decrease.  Recently Google updated their mobile-friendly ranking algorithm to pull responsive websites to the top of the search results.  In doing so, it also caused websites that did not meet the mobile requirements to de-rank in an event that is often known as the “Mobilegeddon”.
If you are unsure of your website’s responsiveness here is a link to the Mobile-Friendly Test from Google:
Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding your mobile site or are worried that your site may not be getting the rankings you need. We will gladly help you get your website where it needs to be.

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