5 Items To Consider Updating On Your Website

There is no doubt that your website needs to be updated regularly. In the event that you do not give your website the attention that it requires, it will cause you a lot of issues in the future. If properly maintained, a website can be a huge marketing tool that will help drive sales and grow your business.

So, it is a new year and everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions…physical wellness, mental wellness, better finical decisions, etc. But what about your website? Should your website not also have a “wellness”? Below are 5 items dealing with your website that need attention on a regular basis.

Update Your Website Footer

Ever gone to a website and at the bottom of the page you see “Copyright 2015”? That will send a clear message to the reader that the business has either not updated its website in some time or they are overlooking details. If a business appears to be out of date, would you want to do business with them?

Some other “Footer” items to check:

  • Do all the links work?
  • Are email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers correct?
  • Are the address and phone number linked so that mobile users can easily find you and get in touch?
  • Are your social media icons current and properly linked?
  • Are your hours correct and clearly posted?

SEO Check-up

  • Do you have Google Analytics and Keywords connected to your site? 
  • Is your Google Business Profile listing up to date with current hours, fresh images, and necessary info posted?
  • How are you ranking against your competition for your niche?
  • Does your social media profile and content match your website and brand? When was the last time it was updated?
  • Do all of your links and buttons work AND do they go where they’re supposed to? Do you have a proper 404-page setup?
  • How is your site speed and loading time?

Check Mobile Usability

Today, almost everyone is using their mobile device to search for what they are looking for. So first, you need to make sure your website is mobile responsive (mobile friendly), if not, some of the major search engines like Google will lower your rankings in the search results. Also, if the site isn’t easy to use on mobile, the visitor will skip to the next guy! 

Other things to look for:

  • Navigation spacing issues
  • Images properly formatted for mobile viewing
  • Font legibility

Check Your Content

Check your website content to ensure that it is current. Content that was written 2 years ago is out of date and needs refreshing. Search engine algorithms change and your website content will need to be updated to ensure a good ranking. Has your business added any new services, updated pricing, etc? These items often get overlooked on your website and can be detrimental to your business.  

Check Plug-ins & Add-on Features

Most CMS platforms have some type of add-ones or plugins in them. These items provide extra features to your website. If they are not updated properly and regularly, they can cause you a world of chaos.


These are just a few of the items we highly recommend checking often, not just at the beginning of the year. Your website is a huge marketing tool and if it is cared for and maintained regularly it will make your life easier. If you are not sure if your website has been given the love it needs, we will be glad to provide you with a free website audit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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